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Seasonal allergens, smoke from forest fires, valley inversions – although Portland and the PNW in general are relatively clean air quality-wise, having cleaner air in your home is never a bad idea. And if you’re one of the thousands of allergy sufferers? It can make life bearable again.

How good? A good night’s sleep. Less flare-ups. Cleaner rooms. Basically – awesome.

Indoor filtration systems are gaining in popularity around the country because of the improved quality it brings to your home life. Why? Let’s face it, the world isn’t getting cleaner by itself. Although many of us need to be outside, working in offices or in jobs that don’t provide the best air, isn’t it a better idea to have the best air available to you when you come home at night?

Indoor air quality can mean different things to different people. For some it is about removing dust, allergens, pollen and mold from their home. For others, it’s about keeping the air in their home at a certain humidity level. Others want to easily exchange the stale air in their home for fresh air, but not bring in all kinds of dust and contaminants when they do it.

Whatever your goal is in improving the air quality inside your home, the team at Clawson Heating is ready and able to help you. It all starts by calling us at (503)-618-9646 and setting up an appointment you’re your free estimate. We’ll visit your home, discuss with you exactly what you’re looking to achieve and present the best options to you.

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