Cooling Systems Installation

Installing a new or replacement air conditioning unit in your Portland-area home is actually a fairly complicated process. If you get too big of a unit, it can be detrimental to the life cycle of the air conditioner. Too small and it will struggle to keep your home cool when you need it.

Which is why at Clawson Heating, our trained and experienced staff will actually visit your home in order to perform a load calculation on your home to ensure the proper sizing of the A/C unit before installation.

We also make sure that all your existing ductwork is in good working order and able to handle the load from your new system. Additionally, if, needed, we can replace or install additional ducting to make sure every room in your home is cool enough.

In some cases, a heat pump can outperform an air conditioning unit. Our staff will happily discuss all options with you in an informative, no-pressure environment.

Portland is unique with many older unique homes that have been retro-fitted with central heating and cooling. If you have any questions about installing new or replacement cooling equipment or even retro-fitting your current home with a newer system, we are happy to help.

When the cool spring days extend almost into summer and fall comes early, it can be sometimes hard to justify spending money on an air conditioner. It’s not the desert. But every summer when the temperatures start climbing into the high eighties and above, you’ll be glad that you have the air conditioner.

Clawson Heating is always glad to sit with you and discuss your cooling needs. Call us today for a free, no obligation estimate.

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